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Meet Our Team

Our structure is quite unique which includes the executive board and multiple local chapters with its presidents. Here are their faces with contact information, don't hesitate to reach out.


Vasyl Pyrozhyk



As a student of Baruch College, Vasyl is currently pursuing his degree in Finance with double minor in Economics and Computer Information Systems. After a semester exchange in Universite Paris Dauphine, the idea was born to create an organization which would support the exchange student community in the CUNY system. Vasyl is full of life, loves to juggle multiple projects at the same time and with his idealistic views enjoys assisting the development and growth of communities in which he participates. Out of the many interests and hobbies few to point out are finance, entrepreneurship, organization management, technology, soccer, computer building, beach volleybal and music production.  




Anastasia Shcherba

Vice President of Project Management


A graduate of the University of Kyiv, Ukraine, Anastasia is currently pursuing her second degree in Finance at Baruch. Interested in portfolio management and cognitive psychology she has a creative and introspective personality inclined towards music, languages and design. Anastasia holds a diploma from a specialized piano art school, enjoys playing by ear and learning sound production. Some of the things that you won't find on her resume are playing keyboard in a rock band and acting. Favorite activities include tutoring, biking, horseback riding and singing.






Otmane Tahiri

Vice President of Talent Management


Born and raised in Morocco, he’s now proud to call New York his home. Otmane is majoring in International Business with double minors in Finance and Political Science. He loves learning new languages and interacting with different cultures. Interested in international economics and political economy he strongly believes that we live in an interconnected world where we all can learn from each other differences. Favorite activities include traveling, soccer, hiking and reading.









Melanie Ho

Director of Mentorship


Melanie is currently a Junior majoring in International Business, minoring in Marketing and Chinese. She is fascinated by other cultures and tries to learn other languages in her spare time. She studied abroad in Copenhagen during the summer of 2013 through the Danish Institute of Study Abroad, an experience she describes as one of the most memorable experiences thus far, though she regrets not learning more Danish while she was there. Bitten by wanderlust, she hopes to travel around the world in the future.







SoJung Han

Vice President of Mentorship


As an immigrant, Sojung truly understands what it likes to be a newcomer in NYC. Because of her experience and passion for helping others, she has accepted the opportunity to become a Vice President of Mentorship at eXchange Support to aid exchange students. She also loves to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. Sojung is currently pursuing BBA in Finance, minoring in Mathematics and Japanese. As she is in her last semester at Baruch, she wants to have fun and memorable moment in her college years. Talk to her, you’ll soon find out her amiable, vivacious, extroverted personalities and she won’t disappoint you!





Dow Kim

Vice President of Event Planning


Dow is a fun, outgoing spirit from South Korea, attending Macaulay Honors College at Baruch. He is pursueing a degree in finance and also hopes to have his own business in the future. Dow has moved around to quite a few places and is able to quickly adapt to his surroundings. Different cultures fascinate Dow; he wishes to travel the world one day and meet many new people. Some of Dow's interests include sports, working out, and playing the guitar.








Alyona Rossolova

Vice President of Communications


Originally from Ukraine, Alyona studies Marketing in Baruch College. Having been on exchange herself in Universite Paris Dauphine in Spring of 2012, she can closely relate to the experience as a student abroad which reflects in her work. Besides the fact that she is in New York to stay in the near term, Alyona finds meeting new people and learning about their culture as a prime of a travel experience. In her free time she likes to draw paintings, hang out with her friends and discover new places around the city. You may also see her work on Behance.     

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