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Our Story

eXchange Support is a student run non for profit organization in the making that supports exchange students in the CUNY system. Our mission is to spread international education through developing and empowering quality student leaders while servicing the exchange student population. We take pride in spreading cultural awareness, changings lives and developing sucessful professionals.   



Exchange Support traces its roots back to the Summer of 2011 when a past study abroad participant with several likeminded friends had started the organization with an aim to serve the couple dozen of exchange students that come to Baruch College.

Over the years the concept grew and the mechanism has improved, creating an opportunity for some to experience new cultures for others to become stronger leaders and for over two hundred exchange students to have a lifechanging journey. Our message is plain and simple, international education is becoming an essential part of any successful professional, while having friends around the globe opens the possibilities and what one can truly achieve. In United States and even more precicely in New York Metropolitan area with the precence of such broad divercity international education is often overlooked and taken for granted. Hence we are a group of folks aimed to combat such judgement, motivate and inspire students to undertake steps to study abroad while helping support the students that come to the big apple.    

What can one hope to achieve if they choose to join? Besides the valuable leadership experience and a steep learning curve on the topic of cultural awareness you will become a part of a large global family making lifelong relationships with people from around the globe. To supplement we focus on assisting members in development of valuable skillsets that will help them succeed in the job market. We are a great first step for any CUNY college student in their journey of figuring out their future while serving their community.   

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